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Best Buy In-Home Consultation

Just bought a house, presumably one I don't plan to ever move out of as recently married, settling down, etc.

I have always wanted to wait until I was in a house like this to buy a really nice TV Set ups. My knowledge in this area is average on the TV front, I have read a ton to try and get up to speed, but certainly no expert. That said, I plan to purchase 2 TVs and will need an appliance or two as well. I am nearly certain I will be choosing the 65" LG OLED - C9PUA Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR for the basement set up (have had my eyes on OLEDs for years and see it actually went down in price from a sale price yesterday of $2499 to $2399), and am interested in a surround system of some sort, but am not certain at all what would be best on that front. . Open to spending up to $1K on that front.

The second TV would be for the main floor living room, based on what I have read and looked at TVs in store, the 65" Q80 2160P Smart 4K UHD seems like a great choice, I see it actually went down in price a little from a sale price yesterday of $1999 to $1799 today.

When at Best Buy, the person showing us the TVs mentioned, several times, the in-home advisor option that he explained is free and would have them come into the home to assess the areas these products would be in and offer up recommendations. On one hand, I feel someone like this could definitely add value as my knowledge is not all that great and given that this will be the largest TV purchases I have ever made, I like the idea of getting someone's opinion much smarter than I. On the other hand, I would hope this isn't a high pressure sales person that might have their own interests in mind of selling me the most expensive stuff. Given that it is free, it seems like a decent idea as I don't really have anything to lose. Thoughts?

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Re: Best Buy In-Home Consultation

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Hi there, kihastyga,


Thank you for joining the Forums and for connecting with us here!


First off, congratulations on the recent house purchase! I am sure this is a very exciting time for you, and I can understand wanting to ensure you have the best set up for your new home, while staying within a budget! 


Before even seeing the mention of having an in home advisor come out, I was already thinking it! Our in home advisors are not pushy sales people, and really do want what is best for the customer. You can let them know what price ranges you are looking at, and they will assist in getting you the perfect set up for your home. If you have additional questions, feel free to send me a private message so we can chat. You can send me a private message by logging into the Forums and clicking the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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Re: Best Buy In-Home Consultation

I have been a huge fan and owned home theater set ups since 1992, and I will never go back.


I have an LG OLED, CX series and it satisfies everday.  My personal observations and comparison of statistics ranked LG over the Samsung for me.  I also really liked the Sony.


If you want to consider home theater I would personaly put the TV on a stand rather than wall mounting it.  There are lots of conflicting points of view, but I feel it is best to the TV mounted such that the center of the TV is just above eye level. 


My 75" is 52" to the center from the floor and I think it is perfect.  


A good solid cabinet is a good choice so when you go home theater you have somewhere to put the components and hide wires. 


When you go home theater I also believe you will get better results with a component setup rather than a box set.  By component I mean buy a good Receiver and Good speakers. Some of the kits are pretty good but really won't deliver the punch. 



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