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Best 43-50 inch tv to use for a gaming pc?

My older 50 inch Sony X690E was broken after an accident which resulted in a broken screen and so im looking to replace it with tv that will be good for gaming and also as a pc monitor. i'd like to stay in the 43-50 inch size range and spend around 300-500$ price range. i'd prefer the input lag be less then 15ms, a good response and decent grey/black uniformity without too much blacklight bleeding.Also i need something that will look good in a pretty dark room.


im eying some TCL tv's like the 43/50 inch TCL 5 series 2019 models and the newer 50 inch qled TCL 5 series 2020 model as both have extremely low input lag (10-12ms according to RTINGS) and pretty good response time.


i also have a few questions though....


1. i sit maybe 2-3 feet away from the tv so what would be the best size?

2. Are 43 inch tv's true 4K? i've seen some people/sites/reviewers say they are not

3. Are qled tvs really worth the extra money?


i had the TCL 6 series R635 for about a week but returned it as motion looked weird for lack of a better term, i had a few issues with the TV becoming stuck in the darkest brightness setting & game mode not toggling on (had to factory reset both times), not being able to sharpen the picture in pc mode (the setting is greyed out), could use the 1440p 120hz resolution and really i just didn't want a tv that big.



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Re: Best 43-50 inch tv to use for a gaming pc?

Hey, RyanLawson,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! Getting a new TV is a big deal, especially when you want it to have multiple uses. That's why we're honored that you thought of us for this important purchase. That said, I'm happy to answer your questions, so we can help you find a model that will best meet your needs!


First, I'd like to answer your three questions.


  • If you're going to be sitting three feet away, a 50" TV is absolutely the largest I would do. However, if you're going to be somewhere between two and three feet away from the TV, I think you would be happier with a TV that is 32", 40" or 43" inches. The actual size you choose comes down to personal preference, but you can get tips for how to figure out the best size TV for your space by checking out our helpful article, Choosing The Right Size TV For Your Space.


  • That's a great question! While I wish I could provide you with a more concrete answer, 43" TV's can be true 4K, but it is relative to the TV. Some are, but others aren't as it can be difficult to tell the difference at that size, unless you are sitting two to three feet away from it like you intend too. That said, I highly recommend looking for 4K TV with your viewing distance.


  • Personally, I feel like QLED is 100% worth it, especially for how you're planning to use the TV. However, if you're unsure, I recommend visiting your local store to check it out in person to see how much you notice a difference.



  • I'd love to provide some recommendations on models that you should consider. However, before I do, I have some questions I'd like clarified so that we can try to find models that will best work with your life!


  • You said that you'd like to use the TV like a monitor for gaming. Could you please elaborate on what you are gaming on? Is it consoles and PC, or is the PC just for normal daily use? If the PC is a gaming PC as well, what video card do you have?


  • Are you using multiple monitors?


  • What inputs do you need? Would you need HDMI for Xbox/Play Station? Or are you using a PC that has a Display Port, or just HDMI?

I look forward to hearing from you for us to look into this further!



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