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Because People Fail to Read

This is something posted at the top of the list of topics and is constantly ignored, so I will repost it so that people can better understand what is, and is not appropriate on these forums.  Please pay close attention:


This board is intended for product discussion about televisions and other home theater equipment.  If you're looking to purchase a new TV and want to get feedback from other users about different features, or if you have questions or comments about using a home theater component you already own, this board is for you!


Posting customer service issues in the appropriate Customer Service board (Best Buy & Geek Squad Policies, Manufacturer Warranties and Protection Plans, or will help our moderators resolve your concerns.


This community is designed for people to talk about TV and audio tech, and it is rude to post customer service issues to draw attention to yourself.  Please respect what members of this community do on these forums, and quit ruining how fun looking for a new TV or sound system can be.

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Re: Because People Fail to Read

Thank you.  It's time someone said it Smiley Happy