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Audio from Bose using Bluray

When I buy a blu ray player, what's going to give me the best sound from Bose.  Bose doesn't have an HDMI connection?  I use the optical on my HD cable box.  How can I get the best sound from both with the Bose.
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Re: Audio from Bose using Bluray

If the Bose system has an optical audio connection, then use that. 


Next would be a RCA or what is also called a coax audio connection.  This is still a digital audio connection and will send all your player's surround information just like an optical connection does.


There "might" be the possibility of making separate analog connections from your player to the Bose system, but few players and even fewer receivers/processors have analog inputs for each surround channel.


Worst case scenario would be to just use stereo L+R connections (i.e. no surround possibility here). 


You can route the HDMI directly to your display device for the video signal.


Hope this helps...


p.s. As you have quickly seen, Bose products limit you in many ways and do not let you grow your system very much as new technoogies emerge.  If you are serious about home theater then you will have to invest in products not made by this manufacturer.  Sorry, I do not mean to disparage your equipment, but I'm just letting you know that you are pretty much in a closed system.

I do not work for Best Buy and am not affiliated with them in any way. I like HT and want to help people improve their HT experience. "There is a LOT more than just having a TV to make a home theater"