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Am I an old fart or what??

Okay, so I stepped up to the 21st centure and bought a flat screen tv, a 32" Insignia LCD/DVD combo set -- which is great and I love it. Especially considering that I stepped up from a 12" CRT antique that was smaller than a 1996 iMac!


But, here's my question to all you techno folks--how do I get the TV to work? I switch it on to TV mode, and it asks me to 'scan for channels' so I do that. I don't have cable, so am scanning the airwaves. It does its search and finds no channels. So...what's up? Do I now need to buy a tuner (digital?) for this thing? Do modern LCD TVs not have tuners in them?  


Thanks, John 

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Re: Am I an old fart or what??

well your going to need to get cable(which will give you a cable box to hookup for the signal) or use a over air antenna(although anything analog will only be running for about two months...)
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Re: Am I an old fart or what??

Does your new TV say HDTV Tuner on the front? If it does, then you may only need an antenna rather than buying another digital tuner or signing up with a cable company.
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Re: Am I an old fart or what??

Perhaps you do not have the right antenna for where you live or it is not pointed in the right direction.


Check out  Click on Choose Antenna and provide your address.  It will tell what kind of antenna to get and what stations are available in your area an in what direction to point it.


Currently, the best video signal does come over the air since it is the least compressed of all signals compared to satellite and cable.  Plus, it's FREE


I use a $80 UHF/VHF antenna mounted in my attic.  It's meant for outdoors since it has lots of fingers and outrights.  The picture is wonderful.

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