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65 inch tv mounting to tv stand

I have a tv stand from Whalen furniture model xls1252b-bp. I have had it for 10 years and I love it. It currently has a 46 inch tv weighing 50 pounds. Please note it is not position on the stand but using the tv mount in the back attached to the arm that is then attached to the stand.
My question is, I am interested in getting 65 inch tv, but the manual back in 2008, stated max weight for tv is 165lbs, the tv I want to purchase is 60 pounds, which way under the max load, but the manual states up to 60inches lcd/plasma. I know the weight requirement is one thing, but will it really matter if the tv is 65 inches and not the max of 60 inches? It won’t be on the stand, but attached to the tv mount. The vesa is 300mm x 300mm.

The 46 inch I have now vesa is 600mm x 400mm.

Will I be safe attaching the 65 inch tv to the mount or should I go down to a 55 inch size tv?
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Re: 65 inch tv mounting to tv stand

Unfortunatly for liabiity purposes the moderators here will not be able to tell you this is safe. 


I would suggest buying a new stand that is rated size and weight for the TV you want. 

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