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60" LG LED TV part# 60LB7100 goes dim after power up.

My TV is 5 years old.  I powered it up and you see the normal LG startup screen in vivid color.  After a few seconds, that screen goes away and the picture from the dish box is very, very dim.  Almost to the point that it can't be seen.  It's not the dish box becasue I connected it to another TV.  I also know its not the HDMI input because the others do the same thing.  Has anyone heard of this and how it is fixed?  Does GeekSquad fix these things without the cost being too great?


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Re: 60" LG LED TV part# 60LB7100 goes dim after power up.

I would suggest going into your system settings and seeing if there is some way to restore to factory or change the picture settings,

You may have hade a firmware update that reset something.  



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