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55LB5550UY Screws

I just need the freaking screws to attach the two stands to the TV but for the life of me, Lowe's & Home Depot are making it impossible. Yes, I am aware I could order them online with ease but I don't want to wait a week for them. I want to get them now. I have the dimensions of the screws (L1.25 in. X W 0.25 in. X H 0.25 in.) but Lowe's & Home Depot asks for the thread type and if it's a wood screw or sheet metal screw and does it have a nut or bolt and is it a #14, a #12 or a #10 screw? And NONE of my searches online answers these questions. HELP!

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Re: 55LB5550UY Screws

It's in the owner's manual, the screws for the stand are M4 x 14mm.  The type of screw is a Machine Screw.  The original ones have external tooth style lock washers to keep the screws from loosening over time which I recommend you add to keep your feet secure.

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