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55 or 65 inch tv

I want to buy a tv for my son as a christmas gift.  I need to spend less than $800.00, and since I know nothing about tv's since I haven't bought one in umpteen years, I need some advice on getting the best bang for my buck.  Can anybody help?

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Re: 55 or 65 inch tv

How does will he use it?  


does he watch Cable TV?

Does he play Xbox or Playstation?

Do you use streaming services?


Do you have Netflix or Amazon?  


Typical questions I guess but for $800 you can get really good TV and a new Playstation Pro


Most TV's on the market today are 4K and Smart. Meaning they supprort high quality video and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.   I recently purchased a 50" Samsung 4k TV for the basement so the kids would have their own TV and could have friends over. For $350 it is a really good TV.  It even up converts the old Xbox 360 to make it look better.

Samsung NU6900 This is the one I just purchased.  The streamign service leaves a little to be desired as far as ease of use but the TV is nice.


Playstation Pro


However, if you want to go near the top of your budget I really like this Sony 750F


The Samsung TV's should be on sale in the next 2 weeks.


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Re: 55 or 65 inch tv

Thanks for the advice!  He lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and I know he loves Playstation, I would assume he'll use cable, and he will definitely be streaming as he has both Netfix and Amazon.  I will check out the Sony you recommended.  I wanted to have an idea of what to look for when the sales begin, and I'm disabled so I won't be able to run around from store to store.  I was hoping to find one online and have it delivered to him.  He'll be so excited to finally have a tv!  I appreciate your advice very much.  Thank you!