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4K blu Ray upscaling worth it?

. I recently bought a 4K TV and am now looking for a DVD player to go with it. Is a 4K upscaling blu Ray player worth it. Or will the tv upscale content from a standard blu Ray player? I'm just a little confused on which direction to go in to achieve the best quality. Thanks
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Re: 4K blu Ray upscaling worth it?


  • how much is the 4K player?  Will a 1080 player do the job?
  • how much are 4K blu-rays? How good is the 4K movie selection/availability? How many are you planning to purchase?
  • should you wait another year for prices to come down?
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Re: 4K blu Ray upscaling worth it?

It is a matter of opinioin.  


I have a Blu Ray that says  it will upscale my non HD movies and it does a very good job.


I was in a Magnolia Store a few weeks ago and was asking just such a thing and the associate showed me a demonstration of a 4K TV upscaling a Blu Ray movie. 


I was impressed.  It was pretty good.


I think you should go with the upscaling blu ray because everything you can do will only help.


Besides they really don't cost that much. I would look at the

Sony - BDPS6500 – Streaming 4K Upscaling 3D Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Player - Black



  • Model: BDPS7200
  • SKU: 7850004

Though it seems most of the upscaling ones are 3D as well

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