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4K Blu-Ray DVDs!

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Guess what? We are starting to carry those 4K Blu-rays that were mentioned during CES a few months ago!


We all have that one friend that doubts what 4K can truly provide, and loves to argue there isn’t enough content out there. Have no fear, your ticket to winning that argument is finally here. Some titles that we will be offering are currently set up for pre-order with a release date of 3/1/2016; while others are available right now.


For sanity sake let’s just stop the rumor mill before it starts. These movies that are being released in 4K were originally shot on high grade equipment and cameras for this purpose of being seen in 4K. These newly formatted movies aren’t just simply upscaled or remastered, this is truly how the directors wanted you to experience these iconic films.


Which movies are you most excited to experience in 4K?

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Re: 4K Blu-Ray DVDs!

I think this is just the thing that 4K needs to get pushed to the top.  


I have looked at the 4K display at the store a number of times and have just been blown away.  


However, I have held that it is the current lack of content that is going to keep it down.


There is a bit of 4K content via Netflix and Amazon but 4K disks I feel will be the propellent it needs.


I am sure the price on the 4K disc's will be high just like when DVD and then Blu-Ray came out.  But in 4 to 5 years 4K disc's will be the standard, just as Blu-Ray has become the standard.



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Re: 4K Blu-Ray DVDs!

4K TVs now are worth the investment, because now they offer the best picture possible not only because of the amount of pixels but the specs behind the screen. Full array local dimming, wide color gamut, HDR, and just so much more, that 1080p TVs just couldn't do. In 2013, a high quality 1080p was just as good as 4K because the only difference was the pixels and Cnet and most people couldn't justify the price jump. Now, with 1080p TVs slowly leaving and 4Ks dominating the market they shouldn't be any reason why someone would pick a 1080p TV over 4K.