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37" Insignia Trouble

OK, so I got a 37" LCD Insignia HDTV a few months ago...I want to say like 3 months. Well recently it has developed an annoying habit and I wonder if it is covered under warranty. When I turn it on I get the customary "Please Wait..." box. Then my TV turns on and shows whatever channel it is on. No big deal, right. Well about 5 seconds later the screen goes out but I still hear the audio. Sometimes I get another "Please Wait..." box and then it is fine, other times it stays blank. And other times it just stops completely, no audio, no picture. I have taken pristine care of this thing and I am kind of mad that it is happening. I do have it connected through a DVR cable box so I can't say for sure if it is the TV or the Box....but I have had the box for a lot longer than the TV and it didn't mess up my other TV at all. Does this fall under manufacturers warranty or am I S.O.L?
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Re: 37" Insignia Trouble

Take it back to Best Buy.