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This last April I upgraded to a model: UN43TU700F Samsung. Prior to that I was using an old Vizio with a Ruku stick. A sales individual sold me on the Samsung. The first 2 weeks were great and I was very impressed and pleased with my purchase; then all the bugs came out. I have been so very frustrated with this TV!  I just spent over an hour with a very helpful Samsung customer service rep who informed me that all 2020 Samsung models have a copious amount of issues that may, or maynot, be resolved near the end of the year. I suppose someone trying to make a sale isnt going to tell me that the product I'm about to buy isnt really market ready.  Some of the issues I'm experiencing are image quality suddenly going from UHD to grainy, not being able to intall apps, not able to start episodes in amazon/Hulu from the beginning and in Amazon the option to 'resume/start from the beginning' does not track with the season and episode i'm trying to watch, Hulu/Amazon getting an error message when trying to select, sometimes when starting an episode in Hulu it starts off in fastfoward even though i'm not doing anything then I cannot make it stop. That's all I'm recalling right now even though I'm pretty sure I'm leaving some out.  In any case just wanted to share with others who might be having the same issues.


The one thing that pushed me over the edge, but was fixed by Samsung rep, I tried to watch a movie in Amazon and the audio description was enabled and I could not figure out how to disable. Turns out it was a simple fix: when playing the movie use the up arrow until you see subtitles and audio & languages > select audio/lang > English only.