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What's HDR?

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 HDR is something that was widely discussed at CES in 2016, and on many of the premium TVs that were released afterwards mention this new acronym. 


HDR Example























HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This means HDTVs with this feature will have darker darks, brighter brights, and better color reproduction. Each individual pixel is manufactured to be better so a TV of any class size will benefit from this feature. What’s even better? New leading standards have been set forth by the UHD Alliance will make comparing HDR across the different brands easier.


UHD Alliance


The UHD Alliance is made up of global leaders in Home Theater technology, and content. Their primary goal is to create standards that are universal to describe the technologies that are being produced. That way they can ensure the same quality across the in-home experience.  The board of directors include representatives from Fox, Disney, Netflix, and Dolby.


In order to receive the UHD Alliance seal of approval, each product needs to meet standards in the following catagories: 


Dynamic Range: True black to pure white instead of washer machine black to blue tinted white.


Color Gamut: Your box of ‘crayons’ grows from 8 colors to 120 colors, plus add on packs like Dinosaur Roar, Mermaid Shimmer, and Pirate Treasure.


Image Resolution: Degree of seeing and not seeing each individual pixel that builds the picture.


Color Bit Depth: Natural color transition between colors so it doesn’t look like a rainbow with bands of each color.


Frame Rate: Higher number of frames shown per second translates into a smoother motion, and life like images.


Immersive Audio: Sound that engulfs the listener, and enhances the viewing experience by booms and bangs that are directionally correct to what you are perceiving from the TV Screen.


HDR Scenery


These beautiful images that are produced from better engineered HDR pixels ensures your viewing experience is more like what you can see with your naked eye. Contrast, and larger array of colors open up new possibilities for your viewing experience.


UHD Alliance Seal of Quality




On your new purchase make sure you look for this seal of approval!