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TV & Home Theater Services Buying Guide

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Purchasing a TV or a new home theater sound system can be an investment. However, sometimes with all the product offerings on and in our store locations it can be hard to find the perfect fit for your home and budget. We can also help for big questions that come after you make your purchase too. The great news is, we offer a variety services to help you from start to finish.




Not sure what to buy? Our In-Home Consultants can help you find the perfect solution to your home theater needs. They’ll be able to double check your existing hardware to ensure a new TV (or speakers) will work seamlessly in that space. Also, they’re educated to be able to help make other recommendations too. You can check more out about what they’re able to do here. Want to hear the best part? This service is FREE. Not sure if this the right service for you? I’d highly recommend checking out their Frequently Asked Questions page.



Congratulations! You found the right addition to your home. Now what?


First you need to get the item home! If you’re planning on not using our free Shipping or Delivery options here, please check out our Transporting your TV help guide for some special care instructions. It also shares some tips if you’re choosing transport it yourself, too!


Thankfully, we also have services that can help you get the item protected and installed too. Geek Squad offers three primary services for TV and home theater. (Please note there are additional add-on services to ensure that everything you could want is done, however, they’re not listed on



TV Mounting & Installation Service

TV Connect and Setup

TV Calibration – Not sure this is worth it or just curious about the service? Check out our article here on what a calibration involves. 


We also have a guide about why a professional installation may be the right fit for you, too.


Other services include:

Basic Audio Setup

Remote Control Programming

Furniture Assembly


Being prepared for your upcoming appointment can help the process go so much smoother. Please check out our Home Theater Installation FAQ to learn what to expect during the appointment.


Remember when I said protected? Manufacturer’s warranties are great, but they are usually only for a year and may be hard to seek assistance under. We’ve got your back with a Geek Squad Protection Plan. There’s many benefits of this plan that go above and beyond what a manufacturer may offer. You can check out all the perks of this plan by selecting the link above.


So, you didn’t purchase your item at Best Buy? Have no fear, we have options for you too! Have you heard about our Total Tech Support plan? It’s a great option if you have some big projects on the horizon like remodels or a new purchase home in the works. Also, if you’re kind of technology challenged it’ll offer you the support where and when you need it, without breaking the bank.


recycling.PNGLet’s recap! You purchased your item, got it delivered and installed, it’s protected and supported; but what do you with your old item? If it’s unusable, please consider recycling rather than tossing it into the garbage. Recycling is something we’re very passionate about here at Best Buy. Please visit our Recycling page to learn about how you can be a part of our efforts!