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Benefits of a Curved TV

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Benefits of a Curved TV


Curved TV’s are something that many of our customers have questions about. Most times their questions revolve around what are exactly the benefits of a curved product over your typical HDTV. Have no fear, once again I’m here to help you.


On a curved TV you get better angles, and a feeling of picture depth, plus a sweeter sweet spot.


Better Angles

Ever notice the color saturation is off if you are the last to sit down in the worse possible seat in the house to watch a movie with family or friends? On a curved TV, that's not an issue anymore! A curved TV is engineered to work with the shape of your eye-ball. (They are curved too.) The curved edge allows you to see better even in a not so great seat.


Depth Value

The curved edges provide a feeling that there’s real depth on the screen. This is due to how your eyes and brain work together to process the images you are watching. Typically when you are watching TV your attention is directed at the center of the screen. While watching a curved TV it’s easier for your brain to process what is happening near the edges, because it’s the same distance from you as your focus point in the center of the screen.


Sweeter Sweet Spot

A sweet spot is the perfect distance away from your TV in the dead center. Therefore, a curved TV has a sweeter sweet spot then you’ve ever experienced! Due to the curves, it's more immersive, the images are more vibrant, and some customer’s say they look almost 3D.


(If you need help finding the sweet spot of your TV please check out this article about viewing distance.)


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