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International Buyers beware! Horrible Experience ordering online!


On Thu, Nov 24 of 22, while we were on vacation in the USA I ordered a Mario Kart Circuit Slam Set and a Laptop. Delivery was supposed to be on Wed 11/30, from both items, only the Mario Kart set arrived on time but I did received a mail from Best Buy explaining that the shipping was delayed for the laptop and that it was going to arrive on Dec 1 of 22, that date arrived and they sent me an email saying that it was again delayed! I immediately contacted the customer service, I asked for spanish rep and they told me that they don't offered spanish customer service, I tried my best and explained the customer rep that I needed to cancel my order because of the second delay and that we were renting an airbnb and we were leaving the country by the time it was going to arrive.
The customer rep told me that I shouldn't be worried and that they were going to send a notice to the shipper and as soon as they received the laptop on the warehouse they were going to issue me a refund. I left that conversation with peace of mind.
Now on 12/06/2022  I received an email from best buy saying that the laptop was delivered and signed by ME, even though I already left the country. And a few hours later another email saying that they were not going to issue a refund for the item previously reported as a LOST PACKAGE WHICH IS A LIE FROM BEST BUY. I never reported a package as LOST I contacted them to cancel the order because of the 2 delays!
I immediately contacted them and again but this time I asked for phone number so I could speak to a human being in spanish, they again told me that they were not offering spanish support I told them to gave me a phone regardless AND TO MY SURPRISE the phone call gave me an option FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT ON SPANISH... I finally explained everything to a rep called Deivis, he was kind and told me to wait but almost a week later I havent got a reply yet.
If you are an international buyer DONT ORDER ONLINE from best buy. Total nightmare, they are not serious and they don't offer customer support. I have screen captures of all that I am saying to support what I am saying Im not able to upload them, if someone could please explain me how to do it I will!
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Re: International Buyers beware! Horrible Experience ordering online!

Hola wmaster,


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Le agradezco que haya tomado el tiempo de escribirnos en cuanto a su experiencia con su pedido. En general, la mayoría de los pedidos se pueden completar dentro de las 24 horas, pero los tiempos de procesamiento pueden variar. El proceso está destinado a ser fluido e indoloro, y normalmente lo actualizamos por correo electrónico lo más rápido posible sobre el estado. Me encantaria investigar esto más a fondo para usted.


Primero necesito más detalles. Envíeme un mensaje privado con su número de orden, nombre completo, número de teléfono, correo electrónico, y la ciudad y estado donde se encuentra. Para enviarlo, haga clic en el botón "Mensaje privado" al lado de mi firma. Avíseme si tiene alguna otra pregunta.



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