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In-Store Repairs on Samsung Galaxy Phones

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Have a Samsung Galaxy cell phone that isn’t working correctly? From software issues to cracked screens, Geek Squad may be able to help!

Best Buy now offers same-day repairs on certain Samsung Galaxy phones as a Samsung Authorized Service provider in select stores. Currently we can service the following unlocked, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile models:


  • Samsung Galaxy Note5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Note20
  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

We can perform the following qualified repairs in our Samsung Authorized Service Provider stores:


  • Cracked screens
  • Back glass
  • Display issues
  • Audio issues
  • Power/charging/battery issues
  • Button replacement
  • Camera replacement
  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  • Software issues
  • & More

If your phone qualifies, please click here to see if any stores near you offer this service. You can schedule a reservation to drop your phone off right on that page. Be sure to schedule the reservation through that paghe, and not our standard reservation page, so that we can be sure we're set up to meet with you. 




Some work may be covered under the manufacturers warranty at no charge. Most Samsung phones come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty. See your phone's terms and conditions at


If you are unsure if you have a Geek Squad Protection plan on your phone you can check your account here. You can can also check your coverage on your smart device by downloading the Best Buy Home app, avaialble on both iOS and Android. These apps can also be found by searching "Best Buy Home" in the App Store or Google Play Store, respectively.



  Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 Galaxy S6 edge, S6 edge+, S7 edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S10 Lite, S10, S10+, S20 FE, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note8, Note9, Note10 Lite, Note10, Note10+, Note20, Note20 Ultra, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra
Front Screen Repair Out of Warranty $199.99 $249.99
Front Screen Repair with Geek Squad Protection $59.99 $59.99
Back Glass Replacement Out of Warranty $74.99 $74.99
Back Glass Replacement with Geek Squad Protection $59.99 $59.99
Front Glass Repair + Back Glass Replacement (package price) Out of Warranty $249.99 $299.99
Front Glass Repair + Back Glass Replacement (package price) with Geek Squad Protection $99.99 $99.99
Component/Battery Replacement Out of Warranty $49.99 $49.99
Component/Battery Replacement with Geek Squad Protection No Charge* No Charge*


*No charge for component/battery replacement if your issue wasn't cause by accidental damage.

Service valid on select Samsung smartphone models in limited locations. Device must be dropped off before 6 p.m. local time. Reservation required. First come, first served. Most repairs will be completed same-day if all necessary parts are in stock and device is not extensively damaged. Certain repairs may require a longer mail-in exchange process. See an Associate for full details.


My phone doesn’t have Geek Squad Protection. Can you still work on it?

Sure! Beyond fulfilling Geek Squad Protection claims and Samsung manufacturer’s warranty claims we can also perform cash on delviery work for uncovered phones. Please not that we are only able to perform these repairs at our Samsung Authorized Service Provider locations, listed here.

Does my manufacturer’s warranty cover a cracked screen?
Samsung's warranty does not cover accidental damage from handling, so you would be looking at a charge to get your screen repaired. The same is true of the back glass. Prices can be found in the chart above. 


After my repair, will my phone retain its water resistance rating?
Yes. Because we use real Samsung parts, a repaired phone will have the same water resistance rating as a new phone. 

How long will the repair take?
Usually we’re able to get your repair done the same day as you check it in assuming all parts needed are in stock and the amage to the phone is not excessive, so your time without your phone should be minimal. You’ll want to make sure that you check your phone in before 6:00 PM local time to give the Agent working on your phone time to finish the repairs. 

My phone has liquid damage. Can you fix that?

We cannot repair liquid damage in store. If you have a Geek Squad Protection plan on your phone, make a reservation to visit your local Geek squad here.  We can check your phone out and see if it qualifies for Express Replacement. 

What if my phone has more problems after I get it repaired?
Because our Agents are Samsung Authorized, and we use only original Samsung parts, any hardware repair we perform will come with a 90-day Samsung warranty. Just make a new reservationa nd come back in.


Can you perform work on a Galaxy Note 7?

Geek Squad, as a Samsung Care Authorized Service Provider, does not provide service on recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices. You may receive a replacement or refund for the Galaxy Note 7 at your place of purchase or Samsung toll-free at (844) 365-6197 any time, or go online at For more information on the Note 7 recall, please visit this link.

Can you repair a phone that wasn't bought at Best Buy?
In most cases, yes. At this time, however, we are unable to perform repairs on phones from outside of the United States. To see if your phone qualifies for a repair, it is best to check your model number. If it ends in A, V, T, P or U (U1 for Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and newer), we should be able to work on it, as a general guideline.


My phone won't even turn on. Can you help?

We may be able to, but there are some troubleshooting steps you should try before making the trip to see us. First, you'll want to try a different charger than you are currently using. Leave it plugged in for at least a half hour. While still plugged in, try holding the power button down for a few seconds to turn it on. If that doesn't work, it's time to make a reservation to visit the Geek Squad. Even if we can't perform a repair, the phone may qualify for Express Replacement.


I have Geek Squad Protection, but I don't live near any of the participating stores. Can you still help me with my phone?

We can only perform repairs in one of our Samsung Authorized Repair locations. We can, however, help you swap your phone out through our Express Replacement program. Check out this article for further details on that program.


Can you perform repairs on my non-Samsung Android phone?

We may be able to perform some software work on non-Samsung Android phones, but at this time we do not offer hardware service on these phones in-store. If you have a Geek Squad Protection Plan on your phone, please head here for instructions on how to get a replacement phone ordered. If the phone is under a manufacturer's warranty, please reach out to wither the manufacturer or your callular carrier for support under that warranty. 

COVID-19 Updates

Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and employees, and that’s why we’ve made some updates to how we provide in-store and in-home services, as well as how our Geek Squad can support you. For more details on these changes, please visit this link.