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You really can't compare them. I know that's what people like to do on every phone though haha "how does this nextel work rugged phone compare to the iphone?" Not that its terribly absurd to compare the android phones to the iphone But in all honesty they are completely different. Iphone is very simplistic in terms of function and design. You can Do a lot with it, but it doesn't exactly replace your netbook. Android is a bonafide operating system in mobile form. Comparisons End after touch screen and some useless entertaining applications to show off to friends are where they end. I'd go to a t-mobile store, or verizon store and play long and hard with some demos. Most best buys have a cliq, Mytouch, or droid demo as well. Play with all the options, and use it like you would yourself. If you like it, keep a look out for a couple att models real soon. Att apparently has the answer to all the android phones On the way to come before tmobile and verizon pick up the iphone.
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This link gives several comparisons between Android phones and the iPhone. The Androids, are much more open, and give a lot more personalization, than the iPhone from what I have seen. They are all great phones, I think it is just what you want as the user. 

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