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mhl adapter

I purchased an MHL adapter about a year ago it worked great but now its stopped working.figuring that it had given out I purchased a new one but I cant get the new one to work either . This is not an issue with my phone or tv because I have the exact same ones I was using with my previous MHL cord so I know its all compatible any advice ?
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Re: mhl adapter

Hello manda08,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

Our MHL adapter is essentially just a cable used to connect two compatible devices. All we have to check on the Rocketfish side is the connections. If you are using the RF-G1300 then you only need to check the connection on the phone and TV. If you are using the RF-G1171 (The current model) then you have to check the connections on the phone and TV as well as a power cable to the adapter.


The odds of two of these being bad is slim. The next step would be to check the settings on the other devices.

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