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lightning cable for iphone 5

I've had this cable for four months now and just about a day ago the light in the charger stopped working halfway through the charger (if that makes any sense) but it still charges my phone. But I'm freaking out a little because I just recently heard a pop and it sounded like as if I blew a bulb and now the entire charger is not lighted. Is this something I should be worried about? Or am I just overreacting? 

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Re: lightning cable for iphone 5

Hello kayyebs,

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The unit should still work for charging just fine, albeit charging a bit more slowly. With the lighted portion no longer functioning, and being a primary benefit of this unit, I would refer you to take it into your local Best Buy with a copy of the receipt for them to replace under the manufacturer warranty. If you do not have the receipt they may be able to pull up the purchase info in their purchase history.

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