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is it possible to use iCapsule with HP Touchpad?


I have (and love) an iCapsule keyboard (Model: RF-ICAP12) that I use with my first generation iPad as intended.  


I also have an HP TouchPad and decided to see if it'd fit in the iCapsule.  It's a snug fit, but it does. The HP logo even shows through the hole in the back as the Apple logo does on the iPad.


The keyboard also pairs just fine with the TouchPad.  So yay!  And I was able to type the alphabet without incident, which is also a good thing.


But when I went to type a good old "@" in an email address, I couldn't get it to work, just got a "2" when I pressed that key along with shift.  Tried other keys along with the two as well but couldn't get an @.  Delete key also doesn't work, though arrow keys do.  I haven't gone through and tried all the keys as the shifting issue and delete key issue are dealbreakers really.


I suppose it's unlikely there's a special driver or software doohickey out there that will make the the iCapsule cooperate with a TouchPad;  I wouldn't expect the iPad specific keys to work, I'd be happy with basic keyboard functionality.  It'd sure be nice if it could work and I know others would be interested as well as there are a ton of TouchPad owners out there on the prowl for compatible accessories.


Is it possible to make this work?  Does a solution exist?  I know it's unreasonable to expect an accessory for an iPad to work with something other than an iPad, but it sure is lovely when things like this can multitask. And I just love the feel of the keyboard on the iCapsule-- like it more than the other bluetooth keyboards I have or have tried.






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Re: is it possible to use iCapsule with HP Touchpad?

Hello sethra,

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This product is solely intended for the Apple iPad; it would not be compatible with your HP Touchpad. 

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