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display port to hdmi not working properly

I just bought a display port to hdmi adapter. I made the connections between my Windows 7 Laptop and Philipps TV and the TV is showing the desktop of my laptop for 7 seconds and then it goes black for another 7 seconds and that keeps on repeating. I could not find a way to stop this and display the content on my laptop on my TV screen. Is this a defective adapter or is there a setting for this? Thanks.

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Re: display port to hdmi not working properly

Hello hufington,

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Some of the settings you might want to check are that the computer is not putting out a slightly higher resolution than the tv is designed to support, as well as making sure the Hz rate is set no highter than 60. Last is to make sure that the computer is recognizing the TV connection, and offering Dual Monitor mode. If those settings both check out fine, you can try exchanging for another of the Rocketfish adapters to rule out any hardware problems.

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