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Wireless speakers in kitchen

I have a RBkit set up with 1 speaker in my living room.  It is working great!  I would like to hook up 2 speakers in my kitchen to use with this system.  I purchased the bookshelf speaker kit but it required a wire between the two speakers.  This won't work because of the location I want to put the speakers.


Any suggestions would be great!  If I can't use 2 speakers can you tell me how I can do one?  The indoor/outdoor speaker is too large.

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Re: Wireless speakers in kitchen

Hello slg92028,


You could use the RF-RBUSB as a receiver in a second room, however it does not connect to speakers via speaker wire. So to use it you would have to connect it to powered speakers, that use a 3.5mm input. Here is a link to the product page.