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Wireless Gaming Headset RF-GUV1202 PROBLEMS

I recently bought the RF-GUV1202 Wireless Gaming Headset for my PS3. I set it all up but when i went to play a game my wireless ps3 controller will not work. I turned off the headset reciever and my controler worked. what can i do to fix this so my controller and headset both work when headset is turned on? the usb is plugged into my ps3 and im using the rf cables for audio. i tried to put the usb in a wall outlet with adapter but the sound quality was horrible with alot of static. please help me!

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Re: Wireless Gaming Headset RF-GUV1202 PROBLEMS

Hello Match98,


How is your PS3 connected to your TV, are you using HDMI, Component, or Composite cables? Also, are you using a PS3 standard controller or is a 3rd party controller?