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Website Needs Updating/Change in Format

I am currently having problem with my mouse scroll wheel not working at all every so often. The only way for me to get it to start working again i to log out of my computer and log back in again. My first thought was to update the drivers. First I would like to say that a new way of finding drivers on the site need to be implimented. I spent about 10 minutes typing everythign I could think of to find the driver for my product before I finallhy grabbed the box (which I luckily still had) to get the "actual" product description off a STORE tag that was placed on it. I even tried using the SKU/UPC on the box only to have the site tell me it found no matches. This is very poor sire design IMO. Next thing about the website that I found very strange and added more to my frustration, was that once I found and downloaded the driver it was an older version than the one that came on the disk. You would think that the website would have the most current version of all it's products drivers. Needless to say, I am very disapointed right now. I have only purchased one other Rocketfish product before but I had 0 problems wth it, hence my reason for purchasing another. Starting to second guess that descision now. The product I'm having problems with right now is RF-RCMBO2 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo.

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Re: Website Needs Updating/Change in Format

Hello scgrondin, 

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Thank you for your feedback; I'll pass your words along to be addressed. As for your product concern, I would recommend bringing it, along with your purchase receipt, into your local store for assistance. This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's coverage. 

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