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Using RF-WHTIB as a remote speaker solution

Hi all,


I am new to this kind of technoIogy and I have a (perhaps) silly question.


The RF-WHTIB is sold as a wireless rear-surround speaker solution.


My question is this: is there a reason it should be used only for rear speakers? or is it just the most likely use case for this?


I am thinking of using this to feed a pair of speakers located in another room (well within the stated 100' range limit) to play music/radio from my AV-receiver.


Is there a reason it wouldnt work for this? or is there another product better suited for this purpose?





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Re: Using RF-WHTIB as a remote speaker solution

Hello hugojj71,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

Correct, these can be used as stand alone speakers in another room, but it will need to be running Surround sized speakers, as this unit would not power a tower speaker/high power speaker fully.

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