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Using RF-G1171 with Samsung Note 3 & Sharp Aquios, no video



I just bought the Rocketfish MHL adapter RF-G1171 to connect my Samsung Note 3 to my Sharp Aquios LC-60LE820UN. Unfortunately I'm not getting any video.


I looked up my TV and found that it's not MHL compatible, but was under the impression that the adapter would still work.


Am I doing something wrong? Are there instructions anywhere I can follow if there's extra steps? Or will it just never work no matter what I do?


Any help is much appreciated.



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Re: Using RF-G1171 with Samsung Note 3 & Sharp Aquios, no video

Hello Tunnleram,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

As far as the TV goes, all you need to do is use an HDMI port. It doesn't matter if it isn't MHL compatible, as this device is an adapter for such TVs.

There was an extra adapter tip included with the RF-G1171 for use with Samsung phones and tablets. If you are already using this extra tip and not getting any signal, there may be an issue with the adapter itself, since it is supposed to be a plug-and-play device.

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