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Universal Charger Tip Specifications

I was looking for a universal charger and was constantly nervous that the charger I bought would be incompatible. However, I have learnt that the tips have size specifications. I have learnt that tip #5 is capable of charging my laptop, and I am wondering what the specifications for this tip are. I'm looking for size specifications, for example: 6.4mm x 4.4mm. I have been unable to find a place where these are listed, so I was hoping I could have someone on this forum tell me what it is so that in the future I can easily find a compatible charger.

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Re: Universal Charger Tip Specifications

Hello Kaseda,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

We don't have size specifications listed anywhere for each individual tip or the laptops they work with.

Unless someone decides to measure the exact dimensions for each tip there wouldn't be a way for us to provide that information.

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