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Switch RF-HDMI4 Not Working

Setup is:


TV is a Phillips flat screen.

Sony Blu-Ray - works on any input port just fine

Samsung DVR (provided by Time Warner Cable) - After working OK for about 5 minutes the Switch is unable to connect this unit (blinking red power light).


Bought new Audioquest cables per the Best Buy guys - no change.

Powered everything on / off and reinstalled the cables - still won't work with the Samsung.


I like the product concept and would rather not return it if possible.


Appreciate any assistance.







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Re: Switch RF-HDMI4 Not Working

Hello Marksmm,


I would suggest turning off the DVR box and the HDMI switch, then unplug the cable that is connected the two devices. Plug the HDMI cable back into the DVR, then plug the other end into a different port on the RF-HDMI4, then power everything back on. It could also be an HDCP conflict between the switch and the DVR; HDCP is a security protocol used with HDMI cables to prevent piracy, and since the DVR is a digital recording device, it could cause a conflict issue between the two devices. If you continue having issues, I would suggest taking the RF-HDMI4 to your local Best Buy to have it assessed by the Geek Squad as the RF-HDMI4 has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.