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Rocketfish rear speaker kit with Pioneer SC-82 Elite

I have a 7.1 capable receiver (Pioneer SC-82 Elite) but am using a 5.2 speaker system.. the Pro Cinema 600 which comes with 2 front speakers, a center, a subwoofer, and 2 rear speakers. I can't for the life of me get sound while using the Rear surrond speaker kit.  I have connected the speakers directly to the Surround port in the back of the receiver and get sound, but using the Rocketfish, it won't work. I have thought I trouble shot everything.. red to red, black to black, the blue lights are lit up and connected, but no sound.  I also returned 1 kit as per technical support and got another one, with no luck, PLEASE HELP!!

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Re: Rocketfish rear speaker kit with Pioneer SC-82 Elite

Hello rfernand14,

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Can you verify the model number for the rear speaker kit you are using? It may be the RF-WHTIB.


Make sure you are using the smaller unit as the sender, connected to the stereo. The larger Rocketfish unit is the receiver and will connect to the speakers. When both units are on do they have solid blue lights? Make sure the volume knob on the receiver unit is turned up at least half way. 

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