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Rocketfish changing from 2 input to 3 input automatically

hi everyone, hope you can help me out. I've got an Amazon Firestick hooked up to the 2nd input and my DirecTV in the 3rd input. Every time I switch the Rocketfish to input 2, a couple seconds later it automatically switches back to input 3. It didn't always do this - it just started a few weeks ago, but at least then eventually it stayed on input 2. Now it will not stay on input 2 at all.  Please help!

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Re: Rocketfish changing from 2 input to 3 input automatically

Hello ZZ,

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Can you provide the model number for your Rocketfish product? It should start with RF-


HDMI devices can cause this type of issue when CEC features are turned on. Go into the TV settings and turn CEC off and see if the issue persists. If you unplug the DirecTV HDMI from the switch, can you then change to the HDMI2 option? If you swap the Fire Stick and DirecTV HDMI between ports 2 and 3, does the issue persist? Or does it now only go to HDMI2?

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