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Rocketfish WHTIB Receiver Won't Stay Powered On



I haven't used my surround sound for about a day. However, as I was walking by the receiver to my Rocketfish WHITB surround sound kit, I noticed that the red power indicator light was turned off. 


I checked the sender box on top of my surround sound receiver that is about 8 feet away and in line of sight and that was also turned off. Once I powered on sender to the Rocketfish WHTIB kit, I went to power on the receiver and it still wouldn't turn on.


When I hold down the power button to the receiver, the light does come on but blinks like it is trying to pair with the sender. However, when I let go of the power button, the receiver stops blinking within two seconds and turns off. 


I've tried unplugging the reciver and holding down the power button for around 30 seconds and plugging the receiver in, but it did nothing and it still won't stay on.


Please help!

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Re: Rocketfish WHTIB Receiver Won't Stay Powered On

Hello JonnyVerco,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

You have already tried the troubleshooting I would suggest, which is the power purge reset. With that not making any difference, did you verify where the electrical cord plugs into the receiver to make sure it has a solid connection.

If that is securely connected, at that point you will need to look into repair or replacement, as it may have developed a fault on the power supply, or the main board within the unit as it's not powering as it should.

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