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Rocketfish TV Mount Model RF-HTVMM170C Replacement Screws

I bought the Rocketfish TV Mount Model RF-HTVMM170C, and installed everything as I should. I'm not sure if it was from me, or because the unit had been previously returned, but the tiny screws that mount to the horizontal bars on the back of the TV are stripped so that I cannot turn them with an allen wrench.


I am talking about the two tiny screws that have Loctite applied to them that adjust the tilt of the screen. The top one is fine, however the bottom one will not tighten any further so the tilt of the TV can easily be manipulated with a slight touch. Without taking the TV down from the wall, removing the screw, then going on a screw hunt, can anyone just let me know the screw type and size that I need to replace it?


Thanks for your help.