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Rocketfish RFPHD25 not recognized

I have an old model RFPHD25 external hard drive. It's been functional for many years, never dropped, kept in a closet. The Mini-B port looks fine, not damaged. Recently, I connect ed it to a computer and it does not appear on the computer's system. I've tried different computers, I've tried different cables.  The blue light goes on and I hear it clicking/revving up inside. But nothing appears for me to access the info. This was my back-up. 

Geek squad had the same result and can only try and recover the info for a lot of money, and no guarantee.  They said that these can fail over time.  Sorry, but what good is a back up drive if it fails under normal and peaceful conditions?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Rocketfish RFPHD25 not recognized

Hello, davidrebhun,


Thank you for reaching out to us on our Online Community Forums!


Having issues with a backup drive is never ideal and I can say that from experience. As far as options available by our Geek Squad, the recovery attempt would be the next best step. However, as they mentioned, there is no guarantee, because hard drives can be finnicky at times depending on the issue at hand.


I work with a few different backup options as of right now, because I work in photography on the side and cant afford to lose files. That said, I have experienced better durability with solid state drives (SSDs). They don't have moving elements within them, so durability is a bit higher.


All that aside, if able, I would connect with them to try to recover the files. In addition, I would recommend researching into SSD options as a replacement in the future. I have had better luck with them on my end.


All the best,

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