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Rocketfish RF-GWUBAG Wii U Official Transport Bag

I looked in a lot of websites and stores, but I soon realized that this product has been discontinued.  Also, on nobody is selling one of them on websites like amazon and ebay.  I'm wondering is there anyway I can obtain this item used or new?  I know that it's not planned for reproduction, but I'm pretty sure somebody has purchased one at some point in time.  I really do not want to buy an unlicensed travel bag.

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Re: Rocketfish RF-GWUBAG Wii U Official Transport Bag

Hello SamwiseTheGreat,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

This model is no longer being produced and is no longer for sale. Rocketfish is a private label brand of Best Buy so our products are sold exclusively at Best Buy. Since it is no longer being sold, the only possible way you might find one is second hand from eBay or similar. 

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