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Rocketfish™ Mobile - Vehicle Mount - Black Model: RF-VMU5

I love this device! BUT I have gone through five in the past three years. The number one reason is the holder stops working. The springs and/or the sprockets within the device become unaligned or break (I assume) and it can no longer hold my phone.


I notice this device has been discontinued. Has it been because there have been so many issues with it?


Does Rocketfish have an updated model?


Has someone figured out a way of fixing the holder? I have several that I have not thrown away yet.


Does someone have a suggestion for a different brand (sorry Rocketfish)?


Please help.


Thank you.

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Re: Rocketfish™ Mobile - Vehicle Mount - Black Model: RF-VMU5

Hello BadAnimal,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

Looks like the RF-MUV5 has a 1 year manufacturer warranty. If you still have any of these that were purchased within the last year they will still be covered under the warranty. Take them, with the receipts, to the Geek Squad counter inside BestBuy for warratny evaluation.


As far as new models that are similar, unfortunately we do not have any current models of vehicle mounts.

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