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Rocketfish HD Webcam RF-HDWEB

So I brought this webcam yesterday because it seemed so easy just plug and "play" and plus it was on sale.
I've been trying to get this thing to work for nearly 2 hours and I just give up.

I don't understand why it's not working.
I even installed the cd it came with that had "live central"

when I open live central it says something along the lines of "No supported webcam  connected".

I don't get what I'm doing wrong. 
I have windows 7. I never got any message about new drivers or anything like that I followed everything the intructions said.
And I'm not sure if I can return this product do to the fact the husband rips the packing a bit. So I'm pretty upset with this product. 

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Re: Rocketfish HD Webcam RF-HDWEB

Hello maryjoycef,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

We'll be happy to look into this concern if you'll please reply with your computer model number!

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Re: Rocketfish HD Webcam RF-HDWEB

my newly purchased rf-hdweb is inconsistent...there are times that everything is good...the other half of the time, the cam or video is very dim...i am using the webcam in the same room and nothing is there a problem with the webcam or anything wrong that i am the way, i am using mac os x ver. 10.7.2...please help...i am thinking of exchanging the unit to the store but i want to know some suggestions first, if any...