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Rocketfish 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card (Model: RF-51SDCD) : Sound in some but not all programs

Hello, I have this sound card:

I am running Windows XP Professional SP3. I have 3gb of RAM, a PNY GTX 560 Ti XLR8 video card, and whatever is left is default of a HP Pavilion a1214n. The Rocketfish 5.1 PCI Sound Card driver I have is version from 9/7/2009.


I have sound working in some programs, but it doesn't work at all in others. I have no Windows sounds. Everything from the CD appears to have installed fine, and the computer detected the card when I started up. One thing that is happening is that the programs that came with it (Equalizer, etc.) say "The audio device supported by this application is not detected. The application will now exit." Under Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices the card does not show up as one of the selectable playback devices. I've tried updating the drivers, but apparently I'm up to date already. I'll copy and paste everything I mentioned on another forum and the Best Buy Q&A (both of which I waited a few days with no reply)[If you'd rather read them on the websites I posted I included links, but I will copy and past the posts below the links for convienience]{I applied strikethrough to unimportant statements also for convienience, but they are still there if you really wish to read them}.


Best Buy Q&A (Question is "Sound in some programs, but not others?" located on page 2)

Nexus Forums


*Best Buy Q&A - Sound in Some Programs, but not Others?* Posted 2 Days Ago

I can get sound to work in some programs. Google Chrome has sound while other browsers did not, Screensavers with sounds have sound, some random games have sound. I have no Windows sounds though, The Sims Medieval has no sound.
And for some reason it doesn't seem to be picking up my speakers? But they do work in some programs as I stated. Windows XP Professional and Altec Lansing BX1221 speakers. Whenever I try to launch some of the programs associated with this card it says "The audio device supported by this application is not detected." AGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Help is greatly appreciated Smiley Very Happy


*Nexus Forums - Speakers Problem* Posted 26 June 2012 - 04:46 AM

Post 1:

So I have this really weird problem. This is on my old, ANCIENT, XP. I have a Rocketfish 5.1 PCI Sound Card soundcard, and the drivers/programs for it. My nVidia graphics card also installed 4 drivers for High Definition Audio. Also among the Hardware section of the 'Sounds and Audio Devices Properties':
Media Control Devices
Unknown - Which was disabled (it might be my speakers so I am restarting to find out. Its Realtek...)
Audio Codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers
Media Control Devices

My Sound Playback says its from the Modem. The Volume tab says there is no audio device... However my speakers do play sounds in some things. The majority of games I've tried, Media Player (or Quicktime, at least one of the two had it), and at least the Google Chrome Browser has sound. There is no sound on the desktop. And most recently in Synthesia (trying to play MIDI for fun). Its been like this for a while...

Oh also down where you normally get the little tannish speaker for volume (which is missing) I have a white square with a blue speaker that, when double clicked, says the application failed to start. 


Post 2:

I think I'll just have to put up with this. My computer (the nice one, with the nice graphics card and Vista) won't turn on as of this morning, so I'm stuck playing the old games that run on the $60 graphics card in this one. That always happens when I let my brothers use it. They break it somehow....  
Still don't know why its doing this sound thing but, its really particular about what things have sound. I used to think things in fullscreen had sound, but that's not the case. I can run some things in a window with sound, and some things still don't have sound full screen. 


Post 3:

Okay... So it also works in screensavers with sounds, but it doesn't work in The Sims Medieval. lol This is so confusing. (Oh and the other computer, it was the cord for the power that went bad... Don't know how.)
The default soundcard (Realtek) driver shows up as "Unknown" and my speakers do not work at all through that. The Rocketfish sound card is the one causing the funky plays sometimes but not everywhere... I went through and looked for something. Under Hardware and Sharing\Conflicts the spot is shared with Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio but I'm pretty sure that's just the default stuff for the slot. I'm running Microsoft Fix It, to see if that finds anything. Oh! Nothing! Great...
Edit: So I decided to just switch PSUs, I can't screw it into the newer computer, and for some reason, it doesn't sound like anything inside the computer is turning on. It is getting power, the little green light is on the back and the power button lights up when I push it. The monitor says there is no signal though. So I guess I'll just be playing without sound. The over 100-110 Fahrenheit heat (about 38 Celsius for all you in other countries, us silly Americans and having to measure EVERYTHING differently... And weirdly at that. I mean why 32 for freezing? And why do our intervals have to be so random? 12 inches in a foot and three feet in a yard and 1,760 yards in a mile... Come on, why can't we learn a system based on tens? Much much simpler.) Anyway, I seriously am having horrible luck with computers right now. My XP is actually better than my Vista. It has 4 spots for RAM, the cooling fan can be replaced... Well I guess there is the sound problem, but at least it turns on. I guess I will have to return to the Mass Effect trilogy on the Xbox... Blegh... Unfortunately.
Edit Edit: I tried re-installing both drivers. The one that showed up as "unknown" is now gone completely. And the Rocketfish card still won't play sound for everything. I disabled all 4 nVidia HD Audio drivers with no change. I disabled the on-board audio in BIOS without any luck as well. I really don't know what else to try. I contacted their customer support, but I don't think I will get a reply as the card is no longer supplied and I have read somethings were people said that they don't really help. I don't want to have to spend money on sending it to someone at like Bestbuy or something. Its really just frustrating. Normally I am pretty good about solving these things on my own, but this is so... I don't even know what to do... About any of these things. Something is clearly wrong with my XP's sound and the Vista as a whole.
Edit: When I try to run some applications for the card it says "The audio device supported is not detected. This application will exit." And when I try to test Windows sounds, such as the Windows XP Error sound, it says it cannot play the sound and that my sound card may be in use. I know the card works, because I just switched PCI slots and it was detected and so I re-installed everything from the CD. Same problems still. 

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Re: Rocketfish 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card (Model: RF-51SDCD) : Sound in some but not all programs

Hello k00l,


From the information you provided, it sounds like you have multiple audio devices in your computer and as a result, you are likely experiencing driver conflicts. I would suggest disabling all other sound devices in the device manager with the exception of the Rocketfish sound card. Once you have disabled the other devices, uninstall the Rocketfish card and restart you computer. Once you have restarted, install the driver, if you are still experiencing issues after that I would then suggest contacting Geek Squad for assistance with your computer.


From my own personal opinion, if I was experiencing this issue with my computer, I would reinstall Windows. As that would get rid of any driver conflicts or any other issues that could be causing this issue.

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Re: Rocketfish 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card (Model: RF-51SDCD) : Sound in some but not all programs

I already had gone into BIOs and disabled the onboard sound card. But thank you for the help