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Rocketboost wireless HD audio Model RF-RBKIT Sender unit

My sender now powers up and starts turning each light on one at a time in a cycle and pushing the buttons does nothing I tried several times powering it on and off which can only be done by unplugging it I tried several outlets with no luck all lights come on then only the blue ones then the stby light then the green power ring and then it repeats it takes about 20min for a cycle and like I said the buttons do nothing I guess I just want to know if it's broken or is there something I can do to fix it like a hard reset
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Re: Rocketboost wireless HD audio Model RF-RBKIT Sender unit

Hello Fatty2x4,

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You can try a power purge, which will clear any remaining charge from the device. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet. Once it is unplugged, hold down the power button on the front of the unit for aprox 30-45 seconds. Once that time is over, plug the unit back into power, and without pressing anything or powering on, do the lights start doing the same thing?

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