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Rocket fish wireless speaker transmitter- RF-WRSK18

I have connected the speakers to the transmitter, and the receiver to the stereo system (Yamaha). Both of the blue lights are on showing they’re connected yet no sound will play out of rear speakers when running the test tone in the settings. The speakers work just fine when they’re hard wire so it has to be an issue with the transmitter/receiver. Any suggestions on what to do/ how to get it to work?
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Re: Rocket fish wireless speaker transmitter- RF-WRSK18

Grab your remote for the receiver. 


Turn it on and have some input hooked up. 


On the display for your receiver look at the numbers for Volume.  Right underneath that should be little icons for which speakers are being fed.


on a 5.1 system 


   L C R



If you do not have all of them. Then on your remote there should be buttons for Straight, Direct, Enhancer, and Bass.


Press the Straight button. It should cycle between Straight and 5.1 etc.  When you have selected 5.1 (if that's what you have) then all six of the little icons should be visible. 


Then you may want to press Setup > Speakers > Configuration and select Surround. 

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