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Rf-ap 300 stopped working


I was wondering if someone knows about a problem with this cable and IOS8. I upgraded my OS and now I can't use my adapter to watch YouTube or any other streaming video service. All I have is sound but it says "no signal" on my tv.
The day before upgrading I could watch anything as usual, as I do since years. I am sure it has to do with the upgrade but I can't find info anywhere Smiley Sad
Is my adapter useless now, then?

Thanks so much for your help and comments!
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Re: Rf-ap 300 stopped working

Hello Dysdi,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

Unfortunately it does sound like the OS upgrade caused settings to default or change in such a way as your source device is no longer sending video. Have you attempted to contact Apple support to see if they are getting reports on this and if they have a settings fix or patch in process?

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