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Re: Problems installing Bluetooth Adapter

I have tried every step in this thread and every other thread on this site regarding the rocketfish bluetooth adapter.  I purchased it from BestBuy about a year ago and had zero issues with it working in Windows7.  I had my PS4 controller connected to my computer flawlessly with it.


And then Windows 10 happened.


Since I've updated to Win10, I cannot get this device installed.  I went as fas as completley removing the stack from the pc, wiping the pc and starting over and nothing, I reapeat: NOTHING works.


I called rocketfish's so called "tech support" and it was a total joke.  After waiting on hold for 25 minutes, some guy answered the phone with a "what do you want" attitude and then proceeded to do everything in his power to just get me to hang up.  I really felt like he just wanted me off the phone because I was ruining his coffee break or something.


To top it off, if you read through the forum, all the answers are exactly the same, like they're just copy and pasting responses.  "Go to broadcom's website and download the driver from there"  Don't spend any actual time trying to troubleshoot the issues.  Come on RF; you're a big boy company now.  You're being sponsored in BestBuy.  The least you can do is develop your own software and support your products.


If anyone out there reads this and comes up with a solution to get this POS dongle installed properly in Windows 10, please contact me.  


I guess it's time to buy a steam controller and never purchase a rocketfish product again.  EVER.