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RF-WS01 Wireless speakers won't pair (synchronize)

I purchased the RF-WS01 wireless speaker set just over a year ago, and have hardly used them.  Over the holidays I finally setup my digital projector, blueray player, and Wii to use the Rocketfish speakers.  The speakers worked well for a few hours, then they lost connection from the sender unit 10 minutes into starting a movie!  I have powered off both the speakers and the sender units, and have gone through the pairing process a number of times... but the speakers and the sender just keep flashing green. Both the blueray and the Wii system provide audio signals to other speakers, and I have replaced the rca cable for the sender.  This speaker set is not working.  What else can I try?

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Re: RF-WS01 Wireless speakers won't pair (synchronize)

Hello GB,


How far apart are the speakers and the sending unit? Also, do you have any other wireless devices such as a cordless phone, wireless router, or Bluetooth devices?