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RF-WHTIB question

I have a RF-WHTIB-A setup working fine.  I wanted to sometimes drive the same speakers from a different source stereo receiver, so I bought a second sender unit.  The second sender is a RF-WHTIB.  I now have everything wired, but sending from the second source (RF-WHTIB to RF-WHTIB-A receiver) is not working.  I have lost the original manuals.  


My question: is there a recognition process I must do for the existing RF-WHTIB-A receiver to recognize the new RF-WHTIB sender?  And if I do this, will it stop working with the original source?


Thank you.

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Re: RF-WHTIB question

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Hello atsiii,


Welcome to our community. Wireless speakers offer an entirely new level of convenience for home theater systems, and I hope you've enjoyed your Rocketfish™ kit so far.


After reviewing the manuals for the RF-WHTIB and RF-WHITB-A models, it appears the latter was discontinued as only the former is currently sold at Best Buy. In addition, these units are paired at the factory so they may not work cross-functionally between the two models, and there's no indication that the system can support pairing two senders to one receiver simultaneously. That said, you are welcome to try the following steps to pair your sender to your receiver, although I can't guarantee a particular result: 


  • Press and hold the CONNECT button on either the wireless sender or wireless receiver for two seconds.

  • This will put the unit into the "connection mode" for about 30 seconds. During this period, the CONNECT button on the other unit must also be pressed for two seconds so that it will also enter "connection mode."

  • The system proceeds with the connection process between the wireless sender and wireless receiver.

I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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