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RF-WHTIB Bad Receiver

Hey guys, I just bought an RF-WHTIB unit for my buddy as an early Christmas present and we were trying to set it up the other day. Problem is, the reciever (larger of the 2 boxes that came with the RF-WHTIB kit) wouldn't turn on. We had it plugged into a good wall outlet, but the unit wouldn't power up. What we saw specifically was the LED wasn't lighting up at all, not even blinking. The transmitter (smaller of the 2 boxes that came with the RF-WHTIB kit) hooked up to the 5.1 reciever powered up fine and the LED was blinking, waiting for a connection.


Is there something we're doing wrong? If it's busted, can you replace the bad unit? Sorry for the awkward wording, wanted to be clear which reciever I meant. Thanks!

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Re: RF-WHTIB Bad Receiver



I would suggest simply returning the unit to the place of purchase, along with the receipt, to obtain warranty service.