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RF-WHTIB-A with Bose 161 speakers and low volume

As I read the specs on page 18 of the manual it says the receiver "supports 4 to 16 ohm speakers". These Bose speakers are 4-8 ohm output. The volume after adjustment is still very low. The front speakers are probably at 4 times the volume. How can we fix this?

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Re: RF-WHTIB-A with Bose 161 speakers and low volume

Hello gnova177,

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If you are getting low volume, the first thing to double check is all of the speaker wire connections. Make sure you are getting good connections at all points. Also there is a volume knob on the back of the receiver unit.. Have you adjusted that? Is that all the way up?


The ohm loads of the speakers is fine and would not be causing any issue like this. 

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