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RF-WHTIB-A No Sound...


Trying to set up my rear speaker wireless kit...I have followed directions, ensured solid blue LED (unit was not paired initially), and ensured that the volume is up on the sender. For the speakers and receiver, I have confirmed that they work by disconnecting my speaker wire from the sender, connecting them to the speakers, and successfully hearing signal. The problem seems to be isolated to the sender/receiver. Do I have a faulty product or is there something I should be doing differently?

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Re: RF-WHTIB-A No Sound...

Hello Crr1114,

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Double check all of the wiring, make sure the wiring is making good connections everywhere, and all wires are in the right spots. The sender is the smaller of the two units and should be connected to the stereo, the receiver is the larger of the two units and should be connected to the speakers. Mixing these up is a common issue and would cause no sound. Since you are getting solid blue lights on both units, we know they are paired together fine and that is not the issue. 


Do you know when and where you purchased this model? Do you still have the receipt?

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