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RF-WHP212A will not pair

A new RF-WHPF212 installation and the headphones will not pair.  I have read suggestions and have tried


1. Removing the batteries and holding the power button for 30 seconds. Then tried to re pair.

2. Putiing the headphone right next to the base station and tried to re pair.

3. Removing the audio cables and trying to pair it up.


This is my second set of headphones / base as the darned dog got hold of my old ones, so I am familiar with the process. My old ones worked just fine.


Yes, I changed the base unit out also.  They are both brand new.


Any other suggestions or do I have a bad set of headphones / base unit ?







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Re: RF-WHP212A will not pair

Unfortunately, based on what I've read so far in this forum, this particular product appears to be somewhat shoddily-made/unreliable and many people receive brand new units that are DOA straight out of the box.  They are going to tell you that since you are still within the warranty period, you should return them to the store with your receipt and pursue warranty replacement (and keep doing so until you get a working set).  Even if you get a working set, I wouldn't expect them to last more than 1 year.  (see my post below yours)

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Re: RF-WHP212A will not pair

Hello Bill111,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!


When turning on to try to pair, are both units going to the flashing LED indicating that both units are looking for the other? Or does one unit flash and go solid, while the other continues flashing?

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