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RF-WEB2C webcam stopped working

Need a lil help..... I have a webcam model: RF-WEB2C, that has been working fine for over a year, yesterday it stopped working. I have it installed and has been working on both my desktop running Windows XP and my laptop running Windows ME. It was running on my laptop yesterday when the image froze, when i looked at the cam itself, it no longer had the power light on. The device isn't showing up under the device manager either (on either computer). I have uninstalled, and reinstalled the rocketfish software, and rebooted both computers. Also checked and see no physical damage to the unit, USB cord or USB plug...... leading me to believe the device itself just died.  Any other troubleshooting thoughts before I just go purchase another unit?

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Re: RF-WEB2C webcam stopped working

Mine also quit working yesterday.. I'm thinking there was an update to the driver without me knowing, I also reinstalled the software again and I still have no power to it. Let us hope a tech comes to explain this hoax...

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Re: RF-WEB2C webcam stopped working

Hello All,


Unfortunately if your camera is not being detected and is not powering when plugged in, then it is likely experiencing a hardware related issue. I would suggest taking device, along with the receipt, to the place of purchase to obtain service. The RF-WEB2C has a one year warranty from the date of purchase.